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KPBR_ KEY points- Residential and commercial

  • Coverage- Floors above Ground Level only to be considered- as per KMBR.
  • Height of building- from street or yard- as per KMBR.
  • Width of road- includes medians, service roads, flyovers – as per KMBR.
  • Village panchayath –  Categorized in to two, category I and category II

Rule- 6

For land development permit for excavation,  filling etc. Necessary clearance shall be obtained from the authority concerned instead of as per Kerala land utilization act.


New provision- For high rise buildings application shall be accompanied by safety plan suitable for the construction in accordance with health and safety manual published by the labour department.


Second permit for construction above ground level in case of excavation omitted.

Rule- 17

Renewal and extension of permit revised as per KMBR.

Renewal fees- additional  FAR fees to be excluded.


Allowance in set backs during completion -5% or 25 cm which ever is less. But minimum mandatory open space for high rise (5m) should be there.

Rule- 26

Buildings having built area more than 20000 sqm – MOEF clearance to be obtained.


Distance between building

2m for Building up to 10m and 3m for above 10m.

Provision for increase in distance between blocks with respect to height omitted.

For high rise buildings distance between blocks- 5m.


Development and plot division width of street in the layout reduced from 7m to 6m.

Access to the plot

Up to 2 hectares- 5m

Above 2 hectares- 6m –not changed.

Rule-35-coverage and FAR.

For category I- As per KMBR.

For category II- As per old KPBR.


Height of building- 2 times set back+2  times road width.

Rule-37- Access

For residential and other occupancy As per KMBR.

Residential-  5m- 8000m2

6m -18000m2

7m- 24000m2

10m- above 24000m2

New provision

If the plot abuts two independent  motor able roads with width 5m or more, access width shall be sum of the width of the roads.

Water ways and sea routes accepted on access- As per KMBR.

Rule-28- Parking.

Revised as per KMBR.

Carpet area up to     60m – 1 for 3.

60- 150m2 – 1 for 1

150-250m2 – 1 for 1.5

Above 250m2– 2 for 1

Mechanized parking introduced.

Rule-53- Recreation

Revised as per KMBR.

Instead of 50%, 35% to be provided at Ground level.


For residential building approval from DTP above 75 units and approval from CTP above 150 units .As per KMBR.

For Commercial Buildings

Approval from DTP above 4000 m2 Floor are and approval from CTP above 10000 m2 Floor area – As per KMBR.

Chapter- X-A

New rules introduced for large scale developments-As per KMBR.

Chapter – XIVA

A new chapter introduced with special provisions for certain construction – ????

Rule – 102- Rain water harvesting

Coverage area to be considered instead of build up area -As per KMBR.

Rule – 104

A new provision added that every part of a building within a floor shall be accessible by wheel chair.  Toilets for disabled for residential buildings to be provided at ground level only.

Rule – 105

Building having 16 m or more height  -As per KMBR.

Rule – 111

Access to high rise building – 5 m – As per KMBR.

 Rule – 112 –  High rise buildings

Only two sides to have 5 m set back for fire fighting.

112 (2) – All 4 sides to have minimum 5 m- omitted.


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