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Mr PK Ramachandran announcing Office bearers for 2014-15



Nomination committee chairman Mr P K Ramachandran announcing the election results

New Office Bearers

[sixcol_two]Chief Patron[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last]Shri. P.K.Ramachandran[/sixcol_four_last]

[sixcol_two]Chairman[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last]Shri. Prince Joseph[/sixcol_four_last]

[sixcol_two]Immediate Past Chairman[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last]Shri. Sumit Goyal[/sixcol_four_last]

[sixcol_two]Vice Chairman[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last]Shri. Shaji Mathew[/sixcol_four_last]

[sixcol_two]Hon. Secretary[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last] Shri. Manoj Mathew[/sixcol_four_last]

[sixcol_two]Joint Secretary[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last] Shri. Zacharia Abraham[/sixcol_four_last]

[sixcol_two]Hon. Treasurer[/sixcol_two] [sixcol_four_last] Shri. Joe Mathew[/sixcol_four_last]


Executive Committee Members


Shri. M.V. Antony

Shri. M. M. Mohandas

Shri. K. Lava

Shri. Sunil Kumar S

Dr. Babu T. Jose.

Shri. Anil Joseph

Shri. Sany Francis

Shri. Ittoop George

Shri. I. C. Raju

Shri. Gibu P Mathew


Shri. Babu Mather

Shri. Paul Raj

Shri. Manish K

Shri. Aleyas K Mathew

Shri. P. T. Joseph

Shri. C. K. S. Panickar

Reji M. Cherian

Roy Abraham

Jolly Varghese



Labour Negotiation Committee Members

Shri. P.K. Ramachandran

Shri. M.V. Antony

Shri. B. Chandra Mohanan

Shri. Shaji Mathew

Shri. Jolly Varghese

General Council Members

Shri. V.M. Fazal Ali

Shri. B. Chandra Mohanan

Shri. V. S. K. Moorthy

Shri. Manoj Mathew

Shri. Zacharia Abraham (Combined Seat)

Honorary Member: Shri. Cherian Varkey.(Immediate Past National President)

Special Invitees

All Past Centre Chairmen

Shri. Terrance C. Titus

Shri. Mr. Jose Babu

Shri. Anil Varma

Anil P. Elias

George Mathew Palal


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